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     Whitesmith Skill Database

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    PostSubject: Whitesmith Skill Database   Thu May 27, 2010 9:13 am


    Melt Down (Skill ID# 384, iRO Name: Shattering Strike)
    Type Supportive Max Lv 10
    SP Cost LV 1-2 50; LV 3-4 60; LV 5-6 70; LV 7-8 80; LV 9-10 90 Target Self
    Duration 10 + 5*SkillLV Sec
    Requirements Hilt Binding Level 1, Weaponry Research Level 5, Skin Tempering Level 3, Over Thrust Level 3
    Cast Time Lv1: 0.5 sec, Lv2: 0.5 sec, Lv3: 0.6 sec, Lv4: 0.6 sec, Lv5: 0.7 sec, Lv6: 0.7 sec, Lv7: 0.8 sec, Lv8: 0.8 sec, Lv9: 0.9 sec, Lv10: 1 sec
    Effect This skill makes your weapon really hot. When you hit your target in PVP mode, his/her equipment burns and melts down (break effect, can be repaired) one by one.
    Has a chance of (1*SkillLV)% to break the opponents weapon and a (0.7*SkillLV)% chance to break the armor per hit. Against monsters it decreases the monsters attack or defense by 25% for about 5 sec.
    The effect remains if the caster switches weapons or fights with bare fists. This skill does not affect Boss monsters and works with every weapon but it can be dispelled.

    Cart Boost (Skill ID# 387)
    Type Supportive Max Lv 1
    SP Cost 20 Target Self
    Duration 60 sec
    Requirements Pushcart Level 5, Hilt Binding Level 1, Cart Revolution Level 1, Change Cart Level 1
    Required For Cart Termination
    Cast Time Instant
    Required State Requires a Pushcart
    Effect This skill makes your movement speed 20% faster for 60 seconds. It does not stack with other speed changing spells whether beneficial or harmful.
    Using this skill when you are under such an effect will cancel that effect if it is beneficial but won't give you the boost, a second usage is required for that.
    It will not work at all if the effect is harmful (e.g. Curse, AGI Down). You need to have a cart in order to use this skill.

    Weapon Refine (Skill ID# 477, iRO Name: Upgrade Weapon)
    Type Passive Max Lv 10
    Target Self
    Requirements Weaponry Research Level 10
    Effect Enables you to refine weapons. Unlike Forging, this skill doesn't depend on DEX and LUK, but only on the character's job level.
    At job level 50, you have about the same chances of upgrading as Hollgrehenn.
    At job 70, you have an about 10% better success chance than Hollgrehenn.
    For level 1 Weapons, Phracon is needed.
    For level 2 Weapons, Emveretarcon is needed.
    For level 3/4 Weapons, Oridecon is needed.
    Other Notes
    Level Description
    1 Up to +1
    2 Up to +2
    3 Up to +3
    4 Up to +4
    5 Up to +5
    6 Up to +6
    7 Up to +7
    8 Up to +8
    9 Up to +9
    10 Up to +10

    Cart Termination (Skill ID# 485, iRO Name: High Speed Cart Ram)
    Type Offensive Max Lv 10
    SP Cost 15 Target Enemy
    Requirements Mammonite Level 10, Hammer Fall Level 5, Cart Boost Level 1
    Cast Time Instant
    Zeny Cost Lv1: 600z, Lv2: 700z, Lv3: 800z, Lv4: 900z, Lv5: 1000z, Lv6: 1100z, Lv7: 1200z, Lv8: 1300z, Lv9: 1400z, Lv10: 1500z
    Req. Weapon Class Does not work with bow type weapon.
    Required State Requires a Pushcart and Cart Boost skill activated
    Effect Uses the power of Zeny to strike a single enemy with your cart. You must have Cart Boost activated in order to perform this skill, and it also uses Zeny. There is a chance to stun the enemy, and damage is dependent on the cart's weight.
    Other Notes
    Level Description
    1 (Weight/15)% Attack | 600Z spent | 5% Stun Chance
    2 (Weight/14)% Attack | 700Z spent | 10% Stun Chance
    3 (Weight/13)% Attack | 800Z spent | 15% Stun Chance
    4 (Weight/12)% Attack | 900Z spent | 20% Stun Chance
    5 (Weight/11)% Attack | 1000Z spent | 25% Stun Chance
    6 (Weight/10)% Attack | 1100Z spent | 30% Stun Chance
    7 (Weight/9)% Attack | 1200Z spent | 35% Stun Chance
    8 (Weight/8)% Attack | 1300Z spent | 40% Stun Chance
    9 (Weight/7)% Attack | 1400Z spent | 45% Stun Chance
    10 (Weight/6)% Attack | 1500Z spent | 50% Stun Chance

    Maximum Over Thrust (Skill ID# 486, iRO Name: Maximum Power-Thrust)
    Type Active Max Lv 5
    SP Cost 15 Target Self
    Duration 180 sec
    Requirements Over Thrust Level 5
    Cast Time Instant
    Zeny Cost Lv1: 3000z, Lv2: 3500z, Lv3: 4000z, Lv4: 4500z, Lv5: 5000z
    Req. Weapon Class Does not work with bow type weapon.
    Effect Use Zeny to increase Attack Power during the skill's duration. Unlike Over Thrust, this skill only affects you. There is a 0.1% chance to break your weapon with each hit. ATK increase is +20% per SkillLV.
    Other Notes
    Level Description
    1 120% ATK | 3000Z spent
    2 140% ATK | 3500Z spent
    3 160% ATK | 4000Z spent
    4 180% ATK | 4500Z spent
    5 200% ATK | 5000Z spent

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    Posts : 154
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    Age : 24
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    PostSubject: Re: Whitesmith Skill Database   Sat May 29, 2010 10:51 pm

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    Whitesmith Skill Database
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