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     Stat System

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    PostSubject: Stat System   Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:36 pm

    Strength (STR):

    -This stat directly increases your physical damage (except using Guns, Instruments, Whips, and Bows), allowing you to deal damage even if you don't equip any weapons if you invest sufficient number of STR.
    -Increasing this stat by 1 point will: Increase attack 1 point with an extra attack increase at each additional 10 total strength, and increase your weight limit by 30, and at every 5 additional total strength ranged attack will be increased by 1.

    Agility (AGI):

    -This stat is used to increase your attack speed and chance of dodging.
    -Increasing this stat will: Increase flee (chance to dodge enemy attacks) by 1 for each AGI point, increase attack speed by a percentage of a point determined by your AGI, DEX, attack speed potions (potions that increase your attackspeed), weapon type and job class.
    -Increasing this stat dose not increase your casting time/cast delay or movement speed.

    Vitality (VIT):
    -Vitality is used to increase your maximum HP, defense, resistance to many status effects and the effectiveness of healing items.
    -Additionally at increments of VIT some magic defense and natural HP regeneration rate is increased.
    -Increasing this stat will: Improve max HP by 1%, give approximately 0.8 VIT-based defense, improve resiliance by about 1% for the following status effects (Bleeding, Curse, Poison, Silence, Stun), and improve healing effect from items by 2%. Every 2 points of VIT add a little under 1 magic defense, while every 5 VIT improves HP regeneration by 1.

    Intelligence (INT):
    -Intelligence is a primary stat for spell casters, and this is used to increase their magic attack and magic defense.
    -INT also increases maximum SP, SP restoration items' effectiveness, natural SP regeneration rate, and resistance to some status effects (different effects than vitality provides resistance against).
    -Increasing this stat will: increase INT-based magic defense by 1, increase maximum SP regeneration by 1%, improve SP restoration items' effectiveness by 1%, and improve resistance to the following status effects (Blind, Sleep, Chaos) by about 2/3. For every 7 INT minimum magic attack is increased, and for every 5 Int maximum magic attack is increased.

    Dexterity (DEX):
    -Dexterity decides your accuracy with your weapons. It also increases your attack speed (requiring more stat points than AGI to increase attack speed by 1), as well as decreasing cast time of your spells.
    -It also reduces the min-max damage rate, allowing you to do better average damage output, eventually almost always only doing top-end damage should you invest in DEX highly. As noted in STR description, bow, gun, whip and instrument users do not increase their damage through STR; they do it through DEX.
    -DEX also has a close relationship with success rates with creation abilities such as weapon forging as a Blacksmith or making a potion as an Alchemist.
    -Also, success rate of ability Steal (Thief's ability) depends on your DEX.
    -Increasing this stat will: increase damage from bows, guns, whips, and instrument attacks (maximum and minimum damage) by 1 in addition to bonus damage every 10 total DEX; chance to land a hit on an enemy, or Hit, increased by 1; cast time reduced by 1/150 (150 DEX = Instant cast); increase minimum damage of attacks (amount varies dependent on the weapons level); along with many class specific benefits.

    Luck (LUK):
    -This stat increases your critical hit rate, perfect dodge, reduces the chance of enemy's landing a critical attack, slightly increases your attack, and provides slight resistance to all status effects.

    Source: Wikipedia


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    Stat System
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