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     Paladin Skill Database

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    PostSubject: Paladin Skill Database   Thu May 27, 2010 8:49 am


    Pressure (Skill ID# 367, iRO Name: Gloria Domini)
    Type Offensive Max Lv 5
    SP Cost 25 + 5*SkillLV Target Enemy Range 9 cells
    Requirements Endure Level 5, Faith Level 5, Shield Charge Level 2
    Cast Time Lv1: 2 sec, Lv2: 2.5 sec, Lv3: 3 sec, Lv4: 3.5 sec, Lv5: 4 sec
    After Cast Delay Lv1: 2 sec, Lv2: 2.5 sec, Lv3: 3 sec, Lv4: 3.5 sec, Lv5: 4 sec
    Effect Ranged attack that calls upon a cross from the sky to crush your enemies. Does a fixed amount of 500+300*SkillLV damage and makes the target lose (15+5*SkillLV)% SP.
    This skill is an attack by the holy God himself and therefore ignores all enemy defense and Flee, and can not be interrupted or canceled by Magic Rod, Reflect Shield, Pneuma, Safety Wall, etc.
    Damage is not reduced by Woe Reduction, Energy Coat, equipment or cards; but is not affected by Lex Aeterna. The only way to avoid it is by Cloaking before getting targeted.
    Other Notes
    Level Description
    1 800 HP, 20% SP
    2 1100 HP, 25% SP
    3 1400 HP, 30% SP
    4 1700 HP, 35% SP
    5 2000 HP, 40% SP

    Sacrifice (Skill ID# 368, iRO Name: Martyr's Reckoning)
    Type Supportive Max Lv 5
    SP Cost 100 Target Self
    Duration Next five hits
    Requirements Endure Level 1, Faith Level 5, Devotion Level 3
    Cast Time Instant
    After Cast Delay 2 sec
    Effect Each hit you land sacrifices 9% of your Maximum HP to damage your enemy by up to 1.4 times the amount of sacrificed HP. Always hits, but you can die if you use up too many HP with this skill.
    Damage on the target is increased according to Maximum HP, Skill Level and weapon +% damage cards, Triple Bloody Boned being the best combo for WoE/PVP.
    It ignores Flee and defense of the target. Weapon cards won't increase the amount of HP taken from you. You CANNOT hit the Emperium with it. But you still lose 9% HP if you try.
    It's ALWAYS neutral element, meaning Ghostring, Cranial, Poo and Immune reduce its damage on the target. Reflect Shield can reflect the damage.
    Magnum Break and Pressure increase their damage. If the enemy is inside a Safety Wall and you attack him, it will miss, but you will lose 9% of your HP anyways.
    Ice Pick does not affect Sacrifice damage. Baphomet Card doesn't give Splash damage for Sacrifice hits. Can be used on Boss monsters.
    Reject Sword (Stalker skill) has a chance of halving Sacrifice damage (if Sac is used with Sword/Dagger) and reflecting it back to the Paladin. Can be Dispelled.
    Other Notes
    Level Description
    1 100% the amount of sacrificed HP
    2 110% the amount of sacrificed HP
    3 120% the amount of sacrificed HP
    4 130% the amount of sacrificed HP
    5 140% the amount of sacrificed HP

    Gospel (Skill ID# 369, iRO Name: Battle Chant)
    Type Supportive, Area Effect Max Lv 10
    SP Cost LV 1-5 80SP, LV 6-10 100SP Target Self
    SP Upkeep Cost LV 1-5 20SP every 10 sec, LV 6-10 35SP every 10 sec HP Upkeep Cost LV 1-5 30HP every 10 sec, LV 6-10 45HP every 10 sec
    Duration 60 sec Area 7x7 cells
    Requirements Divine Protection Level 3, Demon Bane Level 5, Faith Level 8
    Cast Time Instant
    Effect With Gospel, you deal damage to enemies while giving your allies special attribute bonuses.
    When a Paladin uses this skill, it will affect all enemies and allies within a 7x7 cells radius with a chance of (50+5*SkillLV)% every 10 seconds.
    Even if the caster takes damage, this skill will continue to work, but he can be silenced. When the skill is active, it will periodically drain the Paladin's HP and SP.
    The paladin can not use Potions, but may receive healing magic, Gospel may cancel out all positive or negative effects on the affected targets (see below for details), but it does not stack with another Gospel.
    The effects (positive or negative) can NOT be avoided by Cloaking when staying in the area.
    Possible effects on enemies:
    - 1-9999 DMG (Neutral, ignores Flee)
    - Cause Curse, Blind or Poison status
    - Provoke LV 10
    - Reduce DEF to 0
    - Reduce ATK to 0
    - Reduce Flee Rate to 0
    - Reduce ASPD and movement speed to 75%

    Possible effects on allies:
    - 1-9999 HP heal
    - Remove all abnormal status (e.g. Curse, Blind and Poison)
    - Blessing LV 10 or Increase Agility LV 10
    - Enchant Weapon or Armor with Holy property
    - Maximum HP or SP +100%
    - +20 to all stats
    - DEF +25%
    - MaxATK +100%
    - Flee Rate/HIT +50
    - Immunity against status ailments
    Other Notes

    * Spell effects do not overlap

    Shield Chain (Skill ID# 480, iRO Name: Rapid Smiting)
    Type Offensive Max Lv 5
    SP Cost 25 + 3*SkillLV Target Enemy Range 5 cells
    Requirements Shield Boomerang Level 5
    Cast Time 1 sec
    After Cast Delay 1 sec
    Required State Requires a shield equipped
    Effect Attack 5 times with your shield. HIT +20. Higher level of refinement and heavier shields will result in higher damage. This skill requires an equipped shield and ignores size modifications.
    Other Notes
    Level Description
    1 30% ATK
    2 60% ATK
    3 90% ATK
    4 120% ATK
    5 150% ATK

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    Posts : 154
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    PostSubject: Re: Paladin Skill Database   Sat May 29, 2010 10:46 pm

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    Paladin Skill Database
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